Drew this a few weeks back

Drew this a few weeks ago

Found this in my grandparents basement

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Heavy with thought but it ain’t depression it ain’t stress
It’s not definable but when I rap and when I drink that weights lifted especially when it’s whisky, and I know what you’re thinking but I ain’t an alcoholic I don’t need it to survive I don’t need it to be fly it just clears up my mind and lets me be me without it I’m just a drone
And I’m better than that I got thoughts of my own, unlike most of you who’ve been conditioned to think this is cool and that ya gotta go to school to learn because you can’t achieve without a degree
And that’s just a lie like Santa, the Easter Bunny, and Princess Di?
They told me this shit ain’t popular that if you want to make it you gotta degrade women. But that isn’t me I was raised better I was taught better. I’m not going to cave in, because then I’m a sell out, but if I was a sell out at least I’d be sold out like Drake and Weezy but I wouldn’t be me, and if I wasn’t me than who the fuck would I be?
I’ll just stick to doing what I know being me and I’ll give less fucks to what fake ass people think of me, you can say what ever you want because I’m true to myself and that’s all I need. You’re just going to end up motivating me to put more work in to get better till I make you look like a dog with its tail between its knees. Then who’ll be laughing? oh yeah that’s right me!
Sit there in your seat as I drop this beat making you wanna get off your goddamn feet but you won’t do it because you don’t want to admit that you’re wrong you don’t want to admit that I’m killing this, I should receive a life sentence for this shit!

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You left me standing there with the wind flowing through your hair.
You said it wasn’t going to be a long night but it was the longest of my life.
And I still miss you each and every single fucking night.
I’m lost without you
Like a bird who can’t catch flight
But I’m stronger because of it or at least that’s what I tell myself
But who knows maybe I’ll be right where you are sooner than I planed
Because as hard for it is for me to admit I’m not a strong mean
I’ve fought my demons and I’ve always won
But now they’re getting smarter and that’s making all of this just that much harder
I haven’t given up yet but I feel like I will soon
So save me before I reach my tomb